Peachtree Corners, Georgia, is the largest city in Gwinnett County and is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Incorporated in 2012, it is one of Georgia's newest cities and was developed as a planned community. With a population of 42,243 as of the 2020 census, Peachtree Corners is noted for its innovative use of technology in public spaces and infrastructure, including the Curiosity Lab, a living laboratory for testing smart city technologies.

As a planned community, Peachtree Corners features a mix of residential, commercial, and office spaces designed to facilitate a high quality of life with modern amenities and efficient services. The city's strategic planning has made it a model for suburban development with a focus on sustainability and community engagement.


Peachtree Corners is located on the western edge of Gwinnett County, bordered by the Chattahoochee River to the north and west. It spans an area that provides a blend of urban and natural environments, featuring access to riverfront areas and well-maintained park systems. The city's design emphasizes pedestrian-friendly spaces and connectivity to enhance mobility and accessibility for its residents.

The city's geographic layout includes several technology parks and corporate headquarters, making it a significant hub for business in the region. The integration of green spaces and urban design helps maintain a balanced environment that supports both economic growth and residential satisfaction.


Peachtree Corners' population of over 42,000 is characterized by a diverse community with a substantial representation of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity is mirrored in the city's array of cultural events, restaurants, and community activities that celebrate its multicultural makeup.

The city has a higher-than-average median household income compared to the national and state figures, reflecting the affluence of the area and the successful economic policies of the city. Peachtree Corners also boasts a high educational attainment level among its residents, supported by access to quality public and private schools, which contributes to its reputation as a desirable place for families and professionals.

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