Alpharetta, Georgia, is a city in northern Fulton County and is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. As of the 2020 US Census, Alpharetta's population was 65,818. The city has transformed from a quiet farming community to a vibrant suburban center known for its high-quality living standards and strong economic growth. It hosts several high-tech companies and has become a hub for technology and innovation in the region.

Alpharetta is also recognized for its commitment to community development and offers an array of amenities including upscale shopping centers like Avalon, a plethora of dining options, and various entertainment venues, making it a sought-after location for residents and businesses alike.


Alpharetta is located at the intersection of GA 400 and Old Milton Parkway, which positions it conveniently within the bustling corridor north of Atlanta. This strategic location provides easy access to major transportation routes, enhancing the city’s appeal as a business and residential area. The city's layout integrates commercial and residential spaces effectively, supporting a balanced urban environment.

The area is characterized by a mixture of urban developments and green spaces, which include parks and community areas that enhance the living quality for its residents. Alpharetta's commitment to maintaining an inviting and well-planned urban landscape is evident in its city planning and community investment.


Alpharetta is known for its affluent demographic, with a median household income of $133,920 as of 2021. The city's population is diverse, with a significant representation of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds contributing to a rich community fabric. This diversity is supported by an excellent school system and a robust local economy, drawing a professional and skilled workforce to the area.

Residents enjoy a high standard of living, with access to numerous recreational and cultural opportunities that cater to a wide range of interests. Alpharetta’s demographic profile is indicative of its growth as a premier suburban enclave that offers both residential tranquility and metropolitan convenience.

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